Creatives, engineers, marketing specialists working together to quickly develop cutting-edge solutions.

We are an electronic communications provider, a payment institution, a digital product and service developer, and a digital branding agency.

What have computer engineering, creativity and marketing in common? They created our company, which has met the needs and desires of clients and consumers a moment before they knew they had them since 2000.

Welcome to A-Tono.

Board of Direction

Antonio Cristaldi A-Tono Payment Institute Chief Executive Officer
Carlo Sgroi A-Tono Technology Executive Vice President Lab Director
Giuseppe Barbagallo A-Tono Telco Operator Executive Vice President Service Fulfilment & Operation
Giuseppe Granato A-Tono The world in your hand ONLUS Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Luciano Bellina Terra A-Tono Telco Operator Executive Vice President Business Development
Luciano Leotta A-Digital Mind Chief Executive Officer
Maurizio Granato A-Tono Digital Branding Agency Chief Executive Officer
Orazio Granato A-Tono Group Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Sergio Muller A-Tono Digital Branding Agency Creative & Planning Director
Stefania Nicastro A-Digital Mind Customer Care Director
Stefano di Sandro A-Tono Technology Chief Executive Officer

Our Certificates